Past Employees

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Name Designation HQ
A J Nayana Research Scholar Pune
Ashis Kumar Paul Research Scholar Pune
Atul Mohan Research Scholar Pune
D. J. Saikia Senior Professor H Pune
Debashis Mukherjee Research Scholar Pune
Deepthi Prabhu RPL Project Assistant JRF Ooty
Dinesh Raut Research Scholar Pune
Hariharan K. Visiting Fellow Pune
Krishnakumar M.A. Senior Research Fellow Ooty
Marc Verheijen Adjunct Faculty (Associate Professor at the University of Groningen) Pune
Narendra Nath Patra Visiting Fellow Pune
Nimisha Kantharia Associate Professor G Pune
P K Manoharan Professor and Head, RAC, Ooty Ooty
Prakash Arumugasamy Visiting Fellow Pune
Prasanta Bera Visiting Fellow Pune
Ritika Malik Research Scholar Pune
Rohit Sharma Visiting Fellow Pune
Samir Choudhuri Visiting Fellow Pune
Sandeep K Sirothia Reader - F Pune
Sourabh Paul Visiting Fellow Pune
Sravani Vaddi Visiting Fellow Pune
Sushan Konar Visiting Scientist Pune
Swarna K. Ghosh Centre Director Pune
Uttaran Dutta Research Scholar Pune
Vikram Khaire Visiting Fellow Pune


Name Designation HQ
Akshat Singh Visiting Engineer C Pune
Amol Meghe Project Engineer C Pune
Aniket Hendre Project Engineer C Khodad
Ashok Kumar Project Engineer C Pune
Atul Ghalame Project Engineer C Khodad
Bollapragada Naga Ratna Kumar Project Engineer C Pune
Dhruv Shelat Visiting Engineer C Pune
Gopinath Kate Project Scientific Assistant B Pune
Jayashree Roy Project Engineer C Pune
Kavitha Kalyanasundaram Trainee Engineer Ooty
Kishor Naik Project Engineer C Khodad
Nikhil Naik Project Engineer C Khodad
Niruj Mohan Ramanujam Scientific Officer E Pune
Parvathi S. Project Engineer C Khodad
Rajeev Banerjee Visiting Engineer C Pune
Sameer Gadekar Project Engineer C Khodad
Sandeep Kumar Malu Project Engineer C Khodad
Siddharth Saurabh Project Engineer C Khodad
Uma Maheswari Trainee Engineer Ooty


Name Designation HQ
C. Satheesh Technical Assistant D Khodad
Mohan Jadhav Engineer C Pune
Nevile Jude Technical Trainee Ooty
Rahul Bhor Trainee Engineer Khodad
Shriram Muley Trainee Engineer Khodad
Siddhesh Hande Project Technical Asst. B Khodad


Name Designation HQ
Atmaram Bhor Security Guard D Khodad
Baban Wajge Driver E Khodad
Dnyandeo Pokharkar Administrative Assistant C Khodad
Gaurav Mahajani Administrative Trainee Pune
Khude K R Work Assistant D Khodad
Kumar Kulkarni Administrative Trainee Khodad
Manda Prajapati Administrative Trainee Pune
Mumtaj Shaik Administrative Trainee Khodad
Pooja S. Lakhe Administrative Trainee Pune
Prajakta Patil Administrative Trainee Pune
Rohan S Sant Administrative Trainee Pune
S.R. Bhalgat Administrative Trainee Pune
Sahaji Revadkar Administrative Trainee Pune
Shankara Shetty Accounts Officer D Pune
Shubdha Gawas Administrative Trainee Pune
Shyam Vyas Administrative Trainee Ooty
Smita Bandekar Administrative Trainee Pune
Sopan Sake Security Guard C Khodad
Sukhdev Bhor Senior Driver B Khodad
Vilas Aher Senior Driver A Khodad


Name Designation HQ