Past Employees

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Name Designation HQ
A J Nayana Research Scholar Pune
Ashis Kumar Paul Research Scholar Pune
D. J. Saikia Senior Professor H Pune
Debashis Mukherjee Research Scholar Pune
Deepthi Prabhu RPL Project Assistant JRF Ooty
Dinesh Raut Research Scholar Pune
Krishnakumar M.A. Senior Research Fellow Ooty
Narendra Nath Patra Visiting Fellow Pune
P K Manoharan Professor and Head, RAC, Ooty Ooty
Prakash Arumugasamy Visiting Fellow Pune
Prasanta Bera Visiting Fellow Pune
Ritika Malik Research Scholar Pune
Rohit Sharma Visiting Fellow Pune
Sandeep K Sirothia Reader - F Pune
Sourabh Paul Visiting Fellow Pune
Swarna K. Ghosh Centre Director Pune
Uttaran Dutta Research Scholar Pune
Vikram Khaire Visiting Fellow Pune


Name Designation HQ
Akshat Singh Visiting Engineer C Pune
Amol Meghe Project Engineer C Pune
Aniket Hendre Project Engineer C Khodad
Ashok Kumar Project Engineer C Pune
Atul Ghalame Project Engineer C Khodad
Dhruv Shelat Visiting Engineer C Pune
Gopinath Kate Project Scientific Assistant B Pune
Jayashree Roy Project Engineer C Pune
Kavitha Kalyanasundaram Trainee Engineer Ooty
Kishor Naik Project Engineer C Khodad
Nikhil Naik Project Engineer C Khodad
Niruj Mohan Ramanujam Scientific Officer E Pune
Parvathi S. Project Engineer C Khodad
Rajeev Banerjee Visiting Engineer C Pune
Sameer Gadekar Project Engineer C Khodad
Sandeep Kumar Malu Project Engineer C Khodad
Siddharth Saurabh Project Engineer C Khodad
Uma Maheswari Trainee Engineer Ooty


Name Designation HQ
C. Satheesh Technical Assistant D Khodad
Mohan Jadhav Engineer C Pune
Nevile Jude Technical Trainee Ooty
Rahul Bhor Trainee Engineer Khodad
Shriram Muley Trainee Engineer Khodad
Siddhesh Hande Project Technical Asst. B Khodad


Name Designation HQ
Atmaram Bhor Security Guard D Khodad
Baban Wajge Driver E Khodad
Dnyandeo Pokharkar Administrative Assistant C Khodad
Gaurav Mahajani Administrative Trainee Pune
Khude K R Work Assistant D Khodad
Kumar Kulkarni Administrative Trainee Khodad
Manda Prajapati Administrative Trainee Pune
Mumtaj Shaik Administrative Trainee Khodad
Pooja S. Lakhe Administrative Trainee Pune
Prajakta Patil Administrative Trainee Pune
Rohan S Sant Administrative Trainee Pune
S.R. Bhalgat Administrative Trainee Pune
Sahaji Revadkar Administrative Trainee Pune
Shankara Shetty Accounts Officer D Pune
Shubdha Gawas Administrative Trainee Pune
Shyam Vyas Administrative Trainee Ooty
Smita Bandekar Administrative Trainee Pune
Sopan Sake Security Guard C Khodad
Sukhdev Bhor Senior Driver B Khodad
Vilas Aher Senior Driver A Khodad


Name Designation HQ