uGMRT- MIGHTEE: India-SA collaboration

India-South Africa DST project collaboration

Dates: 2-6 April 2018

Venue: National Centre for Radio Astrophysics TIFR

NCRA-TIFR, Pune is organising a week long face-to-face meeting between colleagues at NCRA-TIFR and several from institutes in India and our collaborators from UCT, South Africa and an institute in Africa from 2 April to 6 April 2018.

The motivation of this meeting is due to our long-term project "joint exploration of the deep radio sky with MeerKAT and the GMRT: The Pathway to the Square Kilometre Array", as part of the India-South Africa project. We aim to build expertise in the scientific and technical directions towards deep continuum and polarisation science using the upgraded GMRT and the MeerKAT.  We are also planning to discuss machine learning techniques, e.g., (i) machine learning for astronomical surveys, (ii) machine learning as a way to classify radio sources in large fields with multi-wavelength data, etc.  Of course, in the same session, we would introduce the perspective of machine learning in the field of radio astronomy, thereby formulating the problem, etc.

Meeting programme


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