Visiting Students' Research Programme

The Visiting Students' Research Programme (VSRP) is conducted by NCRA-TIFR over the period May-July every year. The VSRP consists of a research project on astronomy and astrophysics, either theoretical, observational or computational, depending on project availability and student preferences. Applications are invited for this program in January/February each year from academically outstanding and highly motivated students with an interest in physics and astronomy.  Only students who are entering the final year of B.Sc./M.Sc. degrees (in Physics/Astronomy/Applied Mathematics/Electronics) or B.Tech./B.E.  degrees, or students in the final year of the B.Sc. degree, or students completing the third or fourth years of an Integrated M.Sc. degree in Physics/Mathematics are eligible to apply for the VSRP. Selection to the program is based on a combination of the candidate's statement of research interests, referee reports, evidence of motivation for research (e.g. research or learning activities outside the regular coursework), and grades/marks.

VSRP students are paid a stipend by NCRA-TIFR and are, subject to availability, provided accommodation in the NCRA-TIFR hostel. Based on their performance in the research project, the project seminar and subsequent interviews, outstanding students will be offered a research scholarship towards a Ph.D. at NCRA-TIFR, which may be taken upon completion of the qualifying degree.

Applications for the VSRP are opened in mid-January every year, with a deadline around mid-February.

The web-based form for VSRP-2022 applications is available here. Note that this form is for the VSRP-2022. For later years, replace VSRP2022 with VSRPYEAR where YEAR is the current year. Offers for participation in the VSRP are typically made by NCRA-TIFR by the middle of March every year.

General queries regarding the VSRP should be sent to the address vsrp [at] .

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