Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Electronics Security System ?

This system consists of a control panel which functions as a central monitoring system, receiving the message from a number of sensors that act as the 'eyes and ears' of the system. Generally included are:
Motion sensors to detect movement within a defined areas.
Magnetic contacts that protect doors and windows.
Temperature sensors that indicate and monitor the temperature .
Sensors for detecting smoke and fire.
Panic Switches that can manually operate.
Siren and sounder to sound an alarm.

2. Why choose an Electronic Security System over conventional Security ?

More often than not, a breach in security- be it at an office or at the residence -is the result of leakage of information by someone within. It could be an employee or  household help.  Criminal use such information to plan a crime office, home or business is unprotected and vulnerable. But with the installation of an Electronic Security System, your office, home and business establishment is now much safer. Moreover, conventional security like Gurkhas and dogs can not be relied upon for 24 hours, as the probability of human error can be very high. An Electronic Security System, on the other hand, is a totally automated method of security, and hence more reliable all around the clock.

3. What is a PIR ?

A passive infrared (PIR) motion detector is a security sensor that detects the intruder by sensing his body heat as he passes through the area covered by PIR. Since PIR are motion sensors, they are designed to be used when no one is at home. The detector has animal immunity and hence alarms will not be generated if you have pets at home.

4. How fire and smoke are getting detected electronically ?

There is basically two type of methods are used for fire and smoke detection.

i.Ionization Smoke Detector
Ionization smoke detector uses a very weak radioactive source to ionize the air between  two electrodes, creating positive and negative ions  allowing small current to flow when the voltage is applied across the electrode. As smoke particles enter the chamber, they attract the ionized particles allowing positive and negative ions to recombine which cause  the reduction in chamber current, which could be interpreted as fire.
ii.Photoelectric  Smoke Detector
Photoelectric  smoke detector work by generating pulses of infrared  light and sensing by reflected light. If smoke is present in the sensing chamber, the light is reflected by smoke particles onto a photodiode, which senses the presence of smoke.

5. What is a Magnetic Contact ?

A magnetic contact is a two part device that protects doors and windows that open. One part of the contact is a switch, installed in the door or window jam. The other is installed in the door or window itself and contains a magnet that signals an alarm when it moves  out of the contact with the switch. To ensure the optimum level of protection, every door and window that opens would require magnetic contact.

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