Post-Doctoral Fellowships

The National Centre for Radio Astrophysics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (NCRA-TIFR), at Pune, India, invites applications for Open Post-Doctoral Fellowships once a year. Besides the open positions, NCRA-TIFR also has post-doctoral positions associated with specific research projects, or individual faculty members. The current Post-Doctoral Fellowships, with an application deadline of Novemder 15, 2021, are described in detail in the links below. Note that applicants for any post-doctoral position at NCRA-TIFR will also automatically be considered for all post-doctoral positions. However, applicants are encouraged to specify in the application if they are interested in a particular position.

1. Jawaharlal Nehru Prize Post-Doctoral Fellowships

2. Open Post-Doctoral Fellowships

3. Solar Science with the MWA

4. Low-Frequency Studies of Fast Radio Bursts

5. Pulsar Timing for the Indian Pulsar Timing Array

6. Magnetars and the Interconnection with Pulsars and Fast Radio Bursts

7. Magnetization of galaxy clusters and superclusters

8. GMRT Archive Data Processing

9. A study of S7 Seyfert galaxies with the GMRT

10. Pulsar studies with the uGMRT