SKA Expression of Interest for private sector 2015

NCRA-TIFR invites Expression of Interest from Private Sector Organisations for the Pre-construction Phase of the Square Kilometre Array

NCRA is an active member of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project, an international radio telescope that is in the design phase, and will be constructed starting 2017, at a cost of 650 million Euro for SKA Phase I (till 2022) and a cost of 1.5 billion Euro for the full SKA (from 2022 to 2027). For the ongoing pre-construction phase of the SKA, NCRA is leading a multi-national consortium for the Monitoring and Control (Telescope Manager) work, as well as other packages like signal transport, signal processing etc. We invite Expressions of Interest (EoI) in specific tasks for this work, from Indian industries, for the remaining part of this design phase. Those who are short-listed based on the response to this request will be invited to bid for tenders for the actual work.



Referred Documents

  1. The main document requesting for an EoI
  2. RfP documents : The entire set of documents in the Request for Proposals released by the SKA Office
  3. RfP Readme : A Readme file summarising the content of each RfP document
  4. SKA WBS document : Detailed explanation of the Work Breakdown Structure of all Elements of the SKA
  5. SKA MGR WBS document : Detailed explanation of the Work Breakdown Structure of Telescope Manager Element
  6. M&C CoDR documents : Documents for the Concept Design Review of Monitoring and Control System
  7. TM PDR document list : list of documents submitted by the TM consortium to the SKA Office for PDR


Documents to be submitted

  1. SKA WBS Spreadsheet : Spreadsheet to be filled out for all SKA Elements at Level 4
  2. SKA MGR Spreadsheet : Spreadsheet to be filled out for Telescope Manager Element at Levels 5 and 6
  3. Cover letter : Covering letter for the response to this EoI, with a checklist for submission
  4. All documents listed in sec 3.2 of the main document, and listed in the cover sheet


Document Actions