'Daytime Astronomy' workshop at GMRT, May 29


'Daytime Astronomy' is a fascinating series of experiments for students, based on the Sun, which can be performed using low-cost easily available material. These have been developed by Navnirmiti and more information on the workshop material can be found here.

NCRA, along with Navnirmiti, and with help from Kiran, a Fergusson college student, organised a 'Daytime Astronomy' workshop on May 19, at the GMRT campus. 6 students each from 10 schools which are situated close to the GMRT antennas were invited, along with their science teacher, to participate.




The students and the teachers made their own experiments from the Navnirmiti kits and used them to project an image of the Sun inside the recreation hall - we even managed to see 3 huge sunspots. Each school also their own telescope. They even measured the height of a GMRT antenna using nothing more than a needle and graduated piece of paper !

These 60 students will be back on the 6th of June to GMRT with more of their classmates. They will then show them the Transit of Venus through the equipment they made at this workshop.


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