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Computer Center and Communication Facility


Caution :You may receive phishing emails which intend to collect your user id and password of mail Server. These are not legitimate.

  1. Do not share your password with anybody over telephone/SMS/Internet not even to Computer center staff.
  2. Do not reply to phishing emails with your login credentials or fill out data in forms sent through these phishing emails.
  3. Ignore emails pretending to be from NCRA System administrators.System administrators never ask you for passwords or other personal information.
  4. If you encounter any phishing mail, inform NCRA Computer Group at (9202/9259/9231) or forward the mail to


Note : We are now providing only one webmail client - roundcubemail. Please send us your feedback on both to help us improve the service. Due to security reasons, 'ssh' to mail has been blocked from outside NCRA .

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