GMRT USER TOOL (GUT) released on experimental basis: November 2008

The GMRT User Tool which is a graphical interface to several existing GMRT software which are regularly used before observations (e.g. command file maker, rise and time calculator), during observations (e.g. ondisp for monitoring the antenna status etc) and after observations (e.g. tax, gvfits ) and includes a few other useful utilities has been released for users. We request the users to critically examine the results and give us feedback regarding bugs and possible improvements. We also note that new features are also being added. The tool which can be invoked by typing `gut' at the command line been developed by Sylvain Gary, Santaji Katore and N. G. Kantharia and comments can to be sent to snk@gmrt and ngk@ncra.

Posted by NGK.

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