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Information for visiting astronomers at the GMRT

Visiting astronomers at the GMRT are assigned temporary computer accounts. These accounts can be used to log in on any of the Linux PCs in the terminal or control rooms. Most PCs have a /scratch area which can be used for temporary data storage. The /scratch area is cleaned every 72 hours. For more long term use, each visitor is allocated disk space on a specific PC. The PC on which you have been allocated disk space is listed in the attached sheet. Please try and use only the PC that has been allocated to you. During your visit you have priority for use of this PC, and can request anyone else using the PC to vacate it for you. While your observations are going on, you also have first priority for use of the PC "astro0" in the control room.

The disk space allocated to you is in the directory /analysis/visitorX (where visitorX is the account that you have been allocated) on your PC. Your account has been configured to run AIPS as well as the GMRT offline analysis software. To run AIPS simply type "aips" at the command prompt. The AIPS data areas are in the /analysis/visitorX directory.

Please note that all data associated with a given account will be deleted once the visitor leaves. It is the users responsibility to back up any desired files. The observatory maintains a backup only of the raw correlator data ("lta" files). Currently backup on DAT (DDS3 and DAT72) is supported. Visitors should bring their own tapes.

The default printer is in the terminal room and is called "npgcc". The computer room printer "nptcc" and control room printer 'npcp' can also be used for printing.

If you wish to use your own laptop, two ethernet ports are available in the terminal room. Please configure your laptop to use "DHCP".


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