GMRT Antenna Specifications

The GMRT specifications
Parabolic Reflector Diameter 45m
Focal Length 18.54 m
Physical aperture 1590 m$^2$
Sensitivity of single dish 0.3 K$/$Jy
Feed Support Quadrupod
Mounting Altitude-azimuth
Elevation Limits Software Limit 17$-$90 degrees
  Hardware Limit 15$-$110 degrees
Azimuth Limits Software Limit $-$265 to +265 degrees
  Hardware Limit $-$270 to +270 degrees
Slew rate Azimuth 30 degree/minute
  Elevation 20 degree/minute
Design wind speeds Operation upto 40 km/h
(3 sec peak at 10 m height) Slew upto 80 km/h
  Survival 133 km/h
Size of wire mesh of 20$\times$20 mm, outer 1/3 area
reflecting surface 15$\times$15 mm, middle 1/3 area
  10${\times}$10 mm, inner 1/3 area
Maximum rms surface errors, 20 mm, outer 1/3 area
at wind speed of 40 kmph 12 mm, middle 1/3 area
  08 mm, inner 1/3 area
Tracking and pointing accuracy 1$^{\prime}$ rms at wind speeds
  of $<$<$" src="" /> 20 km/h


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