Celebrating 20 Years of the GMRT

20 Years of the GMRT

The GMRT was formally inaugurated and dedicated to the global astronomy community on 4th October 2001. This year will mark 20 years of operations of this unique facility. To commemorate the occasion, we are planning a celebratory event on 4th and 5th October 2021, focussing on the following areas:

1.Highlights of the scientific & engineering achievements and milestones over the years

2.Review of the impact that the GMRT has had on astronomy.

3. Future prospects for the GMRT.

4. Release of certain new data products, analysis tools and pipelines.

There will be 4 sessions of 3 hours each over the 2 days, each having a mix of science and engineering presentations, release events, discussion sessions, and some commemorative events.

We look forward to participation of a wide range of people who have been associated with the GMRT over the years, either as planners or designers, builders or users of the facility.


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