Rubinur Khatun

Visiting Fellow
Email: rubinur [at]
Phone: 020-25719295
Extn: 9295
Office: 218D
National Centre for Radio Astrophysics
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Savitribai Phule Pune University Campus,
Pune 411 007
Maharashtra, INDIA

Main Research Areas: Active Galactic Nuclei (AGNs), Binary/dual AGNs, Galaxy mergers, AGN feedback and star formation in galaxies


Rubi obtained a B.Sc. in Physics from the University of Calcutta in 2011, followed by an M.Sc. in Physics from St. Xavier's College, Kolkata, under the University of Calcutta, in 2013. She then moved to the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, for her doctoral research, on radio and ultraviolet studies of dual nuclei in galaxies. She submitted her Ph.D. thesis in April 2019, and then joined NCRA-TIFR as a Post-doctoral Fellow in May 2019.

Research description:

Galaxies form through mergers and almost all nearby galaxies have a super-massive black hole (SMBH) at their centres. Hence, galaxy mergers can lead to the formation of SMBH pairs. Simulations show that mergers induce gas inflow to the centres of the merger remnants and this can ignite the process of mass accretion onto the SMBH, resulting in the formation of active galactic nuclei (AGNs). This gas inflow can also result in nuclear star formation. Hence, in a merger system, dual or binary AGNs are expected. However, to date, the number of detected binary AGNs is very low compared to the number of AGN detections. My Ph.D and current projects include (i) radio observations of dual/binary AGN candidates using the Very Large Array (VLA), (ii) understanding star formation in dual-nuclei galaxies using the ultra-violet imaging telescope (UVIT) on ASTROSAT, (iii) multi-wavelength study of galaxy merger systems, (iv) low-frequency GMRT observations of Seyfert galaxies, and (v) AGN feedback and star-formation.

Selected publications:

1. ``A candidate dual AGN in a double-peaked emission-line galaxy with precessing radio jets'',
Rubinur, K., Das, M., Kharb, P., Honey, M., 2017, MNRAS, 465, 4772.

2. ``Searching for dual active galactic nuclei'',  Rubinur, K., Das, M., Kharb, P., 2018, Journal of
Astrophysics and Astronomy, 39, 8.

3. ``Dual Active Galactic Nuclei in Nearby Galaxies'', Das, M.,Rubinur, K., Kharb, P., Varghese, A., Navyasree, K., James, A., 2018, Refereed proceedings of the first BINA Workshop at ARIES, 2016,
Bulletin of Liege Royal Society of Sciences, 87, 299.

4. ``Searching for dual AGN in galaxies with double-peaked emission line spectra using radio observations'', Rubinur, K., Das, M., Kharb, P., 2019, MNRAS, 448, 4933.