For the Public

The NCRA has initiated many activities aimed at both students and the general public.

Research work being done at NCRA is regularly highlighted in this section, as well as through press releases and newspaper articles.  We have a gallery of pretty pictures too !

College students who are interested in pursuing short projects, or even a research career, have a host of opportunities at NCRA. NCRA has its campus inside the University of Pune and operates two telescopes - the GMRT near Narayangaon and the ORT in Ooty. We welcome visitors who wish to see the telescopes, especially school and college student groups. If you would like to visit our facilities, get in touch.

NCRA is also involved in outreach activities which help increase Astronomy awareness and literacy among the public, mainly focussed on Junnar district around the GMRT.

We recently organised a variety of programmes about the Transit of Venus on June 6th 2012 to get as many people as we could, to see the event. For more information, look here !

Lastly, NCRA organises a mammoth public science event around National Science Day (Feb 28) every year at the GMRT. This is a 2-day event, on February 28 and 29, or February 28 and March 1. Drawing crowds of about 20000 people over two days,  involving more than 600 school and college projects, interactive experiments, talks, workshops and movie screenings, this is an important date in the calendar of Junnar and Pune. Visit us next year on Science Day to share in our excitement !

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