GMRT Smoke and Fire Alarm System

GMRT Smoke & Fire Alarm System is installed in all 30 antennas and it is working fine in all antenna. It is consists of Ionisation Smoke Detectors, a Control Panel and an electric siren. This system is monitoring smoke and fire for three zones, one is above the ABR rack, the second is above the Servo rack and third is above the Electrical Distribution Panel located just outside the antenna shells. Any one of this detector sense smoke and fire  produces  the signal and hence it breaks the electrical loop connected to Control Panel thereby it activates the power circuit to drive the electric siren. At the same time, it gives information to the Control Room at the CEB.

Features :

# The Smoke/Fire Alarm system monitors any smoke in the Antenna shell and transmits  warning signal to the Control Room if smoke is detected.
# The System generates a warning Siren at the Antenna site as well as in the Control Room and the Antenna name is flashed on the computer screen.
# System Sensor make Americium-241 based ionization Smoke Detector-1412B is used as the smoke sensor.
# Three Smoke detectors are installed in each Antenna site, one above the Servo System racks, one above the Receiver System racks and one above the Electrical Distribution box.

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