GMRT Intruder Alarm System

GMRT Intruder Alarm System is installed in all array antennas and it is working fine. It consists of  a Passive Infra-Red (PIR) detector, Control Panel and an electric siren. PIR detector senses the variation of the human body temperature while in motions. Hence it is known as Motion Detector. Control Panel process the true signals from the PIR detector and activate the power circuit to drive the electric siren. At the same time, Control Panel also provides the connectivity to the MCM port and give the information to the Control Room at the CEB regarding the intrusion inside the antenna shells.


Features :

# The Intruder Alarm System detects any unauthorised person in the Antenna shell and gives a warning at the Control room.
# The Intruder Alarm System is installed in all Arm antennas. PIR status is transmitted to Control Room through the telemetry system.
# Passive Infra-Red [PIR] Motion Detector is used in the Intruder Alarm System.
# The unit detects the variation of human body temperature within a range of 15m and a sensing angle of 180 deg.
    when it detects the intrusion, it drives the Electric Siren located in the antenna site.
# A key lock type switch is provided for switching off the Siren by authorised persons entering the Antenna Shell.

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