NCRA Recreation Club

NCRA Recreation Club (NRC) conducts several activities / events for students, and for the NCRA-TIFR family.

1. Sports: The campus has a small (100 m x 50 m) playground and an indoor table-tennis facility. 

2. Annual programs or the community activities:
    NRC also conducts: 
             i. Drawing competition

             ii. Rangoli competition

             iii. Excursion trips

              iv. Table tennis matches

               v. Cricket matches, etc. for children and families.

3. NRC also maintains following two facilities:                      
        i) NRC library: NRC maintains a recreation library, which has several hundred books. These are novels, language books, etc. The members can collect the  key of the NRC library from the NCRA reception
       ii) Gymnasium facility: Two, an indoor and an outdoor gymnasium facilities exist on the campus for NRC members.

In addition, NRC welcomes newer thoughts for conducting activities for the NCRA-TIFR family.

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