POS - 2016

Pulsar Observatory for Students (POS) - 2016

POS - 2016 will be held at Radio Astronomy Centre, Ooty during 12-15 July ,2016. Participation in POS - 2016 is by invitation only. The observational slots for the participants are as follows

1st slot : 16-19  July,2016

2nd slot : 08-11 October,2016

3rd slot: 28-31 December,2016

Participants should have some knowledge of the procedures of observation and the methodology of analysis before coming for the observing session. It is desired that the participants have a basic understanding of the Linux operating system and some plotting tools like GNUPLOT, OCTAVE, etc. also, since the data processing routines are written for the Linux platform.


Visit this page regularly for the updates on POS - 2016.