Neutron Stars : A Pathfinder Workshop


6 - 13 January, 2016 : Pedagogic School

14 - 15 January, 2016 : Discussion Meeting

Organisers : B. C. Joshi, Sushan Konar

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Rationale :
Neutron Star Physics with the Square Kilometer Array

It is an exceptionally opportune time for Indian scientists working on Neutron Stars. We have just had the launch of 'Astrosat' followed, exactly a week later, by India formally joining the SKA initiative. Therefore, it also is time for us to prepare to take full advantage of these facilites and realise the full potential of our community. It has been felt that to facilitate this there should be regular meetings of this community. After our very successful first meeting last year here is the second one in the series. This year we are planning to augment the discussion meeting with a brief pedagogical component for the younger generation.

Please send an email to indicating your desire to attend the discussion meeting by 30th November.

The pedagogic school is open for phd students, starting post-doctoral fellows and a few exceptionally motivated MSc students. If you want to attend please send - a) a brief cv and b) a few lines justifying your desire for attending the school to An MSc/PhD student should also arrange for a recommendation letter to be sent directly to All applications (inclusive of the recommendation letter) should reach us no later than 10th November. Local hospitality would be taken care of by the organisers for all selected participants. If you require travel funds, please write to us at the time of application. Some travel support might be available for students without any funds of their own.

Students selected to attend the pedagogic school would be notified by 25th November and would be expected to attend the discussion meeting as well.

6 - 13 January, 2016 : Pedagogic School
Lectures Series (tentative list):

Physics & Phenomenology

Population & Evolution

Equations of State & Structure

Binary Neutron Stars

Radio Observations

High Energy Observations

Gravitational Wave Studies

Invited Lecturers (tentative list):

Manjari Bagchi, IMSc, Chennai

Debades Bandyopadhyay, SINP, Kolkata

Dipankar Bhattacharya, IUCAA, Pune

Sudip Bhattacharyya, TIFR, Mumbai

Avinash Deshpande, RRI, Bangalore (to be confirmed)

R. T. Gangadhara, IIA, Bangalore

A Gopakumar, TIFR, Mumbai

Archana Pai, IISER, Thiruvananthapuram

Biswajit Paul, RRI, Bangalore

Yashwant Gupta, NCRA-TIFR, Pune (to be confirmed)

Program : Lectures : 6-8, 11-13 January; GMRT Trip : 9 January

Participants : Lecturers, Selected Participants
Applicants who have not received any communication from us till now, please write back asap. Selected participants would be notified soon.

14 - 15 January, 2016 : Discussion Meeting

Program :

Participants :

This webpage would be updated as and when details of the program emerge. Updates would also be sent by email to the entire Neutron Star community.