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White-slots in the GTAC schedule: Observing time requests

Your name:

Email     id:

Start date and time   

End date   and time

                             [Please check the availability of white-slot
here, before submitting a request.]
Type of observation:
                    1. Slide GTAC alloted observation; include GTAC project code .
                    2. Compensatory time for observations; if yes, include GTAC project code .
                             [Please provide details, date of observation, problem(s) encounterd, etc. below, Justification.]
                    3. System maintenance.
                    4. Approved DDT / ToO proposals; please include DDT / ToO project code .
                             [All proposals must be submitted via NAPS.]
                    5. Test and/or upgrade activities.
                           Similar test/s conducted before ?

Frequency band:

Antennas required:

System required:

Justification: (maximum 10 lines)
                    If more details are to be sent, please send an email to
                    gmrtoperations@ncra.tifr.res.in .