BASI: Accepted Papers

Papers which have been accepted for publication in BASI, and will appear in one of the forthcoming issues are listed here. Authors are encouraged to also submit their papers to the astro-ph arXiv. If the abstracts and pdf files of the papers listed below are not presently available, please note that these will be uploaded shortly.


 Biswajit Paul, Archana M. and Lakshmi Saripalli Simultaneous X-ray and optical observations of thermonuclear bursts in the LMXB EXO 0748-676 [Abstract] [PDF]

 Samuel J. George and Ian R. Stevens Low-frequency GMRT observations of the magnetic Bp star HR Lup (HD 133880) [Abstract] [PDF]

 D. Paul, H. S. Das and A. K. Sen Imaging polarimetry of the Bok globule CB56 [Abstract] [PDF]

 D. Jevtić, I. P. Dojčinović, I. Tapalaga and J. Purić: Stark width regularities of neutral potassium lines within different spectral series [Abstract] [PDF]

BASI: 2012 September issue

This special issue is devoted to studies of novae at different wavelengths, and consists of both reviews and research articles by many leading workers in the field. This issue is being edited by D.J. Saikia and G.C. Anupama. The papers which have so far been scheduled to appear in this issue are listed below. Others wishing to contribute research/review articles on this theme are requested to contact either of the editors of this issue: or

Members of the Astronomical Society of India who have opted for soft copies of BASI, but would like a hard copy of this special issue are requested to e-mail either or

 G.C. Anupama and U.S. Kamath: Optical studies of novae

 Steven Shore: Optical and ultraviolet spectra of novae

 Aneurin Evans: Infrared emission from novae

 Dipankar P.K. Banerjee and N.M. Ashok: Near-infrared studies of novae and recurrent novae from Mt. Abu Infrared Observatory

 Olivier Chesneau and Dipankar P.K. Banerjee: Interferometric studies of novae

 The EVLA nova team: Radio studies of novae

 Nimisha Kantharia et al.: Radio observations of novae using the GMRT

 Marina Orio: X-ray emission from novae

 J.-U. Ness: High-resolution X-ray spectroscopy of novae

 Margarita Hernanz: Gamma ray emission from novae

 Izumi Hachisu and Mariko Kato: Recurrent novae as progenitors of Type Ia SNe

 Peter Hauschildt: Modelling atmospheres of novae

 Sumner Starrfield: Models of novae outbursts

 Jordi Jose: Classical nova explosions: hydrodynamics, nucleosynthesis and gamma ray emission

Please note that the titles presently listed here are the preliminary ones. In a couple of cases, the detailed list of authors will be updated shortly.

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