Birds of Japal-Rangapur Observatory, Andhra Pradesh, India

I spent two hours on the morning of 26 October 1997, watching birds in the vicinity of the Japal-Rangapur Observatory, Andhra Pradesh. The observatory is located about 50 kms. southeast of Hyderabad. The area contains disturbed deciduous teak forest, with more extensive forest patches towards the South-East. The altitude was about 600 m. The weather was partially overcast. It had rained slightly during the previous night. English names as given in the Pictorial Guide ot the Birds of the Indian Subcontinent by Ali and Ripley have been used. The birds seen were:
  1. Roseringed Parakeet
  2. Paradise Flycatcher (female)
  3. House Swift
  4. Montagu's Harrier (male)
  5. House Crow
  6. Jungle Crow
  7. Hoopoe
  8. Whitebreasted Kingfisher
  9. Large Pied Wagtail
  10. Jungle Babbler
  11. Magpie Robin
  12. Redvented Bulbul
  13. Brown Kite
  14. Spotted Dove
  15. Common Peafowl
  16. Indian Myna
  17. Tailor Bird
  18. Black Drongo
  19. Cattle Egret

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