The Jungle

				The Jungle 
						Sandeep Tambe	
 Breathing fire, spouting venom, sustaining life,
The melting pot, the conundrum of evolution.
The first reptile, the first mammal, the first man,
Cradled  in its arms, nourished with its breast.

				Thrusting peaks beside the plunging abyss.
				Idyllic swamps alongside erupting lava,
				Green meadows beyond forsaken valleys,
				Equanimity in chaos, thy name, thy religion.

Spinning  and turning in a frenzy wild,
In every twist a new garb, a new guise.
Now engulfed in the shroud of darkness,
Now brimming with the nectar of life.

				Strange sounds mingled with  queer smells,
				Hidden trails, adorned with celestial cobwebs.
				The land where chimeras, fantasies prevail,
				The haunt of the angels, phantoms alike.
The abode of lady nature, her realm, her domain, 
This is the jungle, sublime, unruly n turbulent.
Grasping eternally  for the two infinities,
The azure sky above and the elusive horizon beyond.


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