Pulsar Search in Globular Clusters with the GMRT:

Globular clusters (GCs) are gravitationally bound clusters of stars situated in our galaxy. Due to the very close proximity of other stars, it gets easier for an old pulsar to find a companion to spin up to form a recycled MSP. The unique properties of GCs make them the formation hub of MSPs. The high stellar densities in GCs lead to a high probability of close stellar interactions through which binaries form and subsequently evolve. From the begnning of 2023 we have started a pilot survey for pulsars in the GCs at southern sky (declination less than -20 deg) primarily with Band-4 (550-750 MHz) of the GMRT. To date there is 1 discovery of a MSP as listed below.

GC Search Team:

Jyotirmoy Das (NCRA), Jayanta Roy (NCRA), Scott M. Ransom (National Radio Astronomy Observatory), Wes Armour (University of Oxford), Karel Adamek (Silesian University)



Table listing GMRT discoveries

Cluster Name PSR Period (ms) DM (pc/cc) Binary Flux density(mJy) Discovery Date
NGC6093 J1617-2258 4.32 66.9 Yes 0.2 2023-07-21