Volume 2


Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bengaluru, India
March 21-24, 2011

Editors: Arnab Rai Choudhuri and Dipankar Banerjee


Cover [PDF]
The cover illustration shows the first light image of a sunspot obtained by the
New Vacuum Solar Telescope (NVST) located at Fuxian Lake, China (Courtesy: Zhong Liu)
Preface [PDF]
Organizing Committees[PDF]
Conference Photograph[PDF]

I. Facilities and instruments for observing the Sun

1 Hinode "A new solar observatory in space" [PDF]
       Saku Tsuneta

9  1-meter near-infrared solar telescope [PDF]
      Z. Liu and J. Xu

19  Optical observational programs at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics [PDF]
      Jagdev Singh and B. Ravindra

31  Introduction to the Chinese Giant Solar Telescope [PDF]
      Y. Y. Deng (On behalf of the CGST Group)

37 National Large Solar Telescope of India [PDF]
      S. S. Hasan

47 A dual Fabry-Perot based narrow band imager for the National Large Solar Telescope [PDF]
      B. Ravindra and Ravinder Kumar Banyal

55  Low frequency solar radio astronomy at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) [PDF]
      R. Ramesh

63 SoLEXS - A low energy X-ray spectrometer for solar coronal studies [PDF]
      K. Sankarasubramanian, M. C. Ramadevi, Monoj Bug, C. N. Umapathy, S. Seetha, P. Sreekumar and Kumar

II. From the solar interior to the surface

71 Solar differential rotation: origin, models and implications for dynamo [PDF]
      L. L. Kitchatinov

81 Dynamics of active region flux tubes in the solar convection zone [PDF]
      Y. Fan

91 Dynamo models of the solar cycle: current trends and future prospects [PDF]
      Dibyendu Nandy

101 Helicity of solar active regions [PDF]
      Hongqi Zhang

117 Parity of solar global magnetic field determined by turbulent diffusivity [PDF]
      H. Hotta and T. Yokoyama

123 Modeling the irregularities of solar cycle using flux transport dynamo models [PDF]
      Bidya Binay Karak

131 Back-reactions of dynamo-generated magnetic fields: torsional oscillations and variations in meridional circulation [PDF]
      Arnab Rai Choudhuri

137 Alpha effect due to magnetic buoyancy instability of a horizontal magnetic layer [PDF]
      Piyali Chatterjee

143 Quenching of the alpha effect in the Sun - what observations are telling us [PDF]
      R. H. Cameron

149  A physical reconstruction of solar magnetic field since 1700 [PDF]
      J. Jiang and D. Schmitt

155 Hemispheric helicity sign rule and its solar cycle dependence [PDF]
      M. Zhang, J. Hao and C. Y. Wang

163 Solar cycle variation of network magnetic elements [PDF]
      J. X. Wang and C. L. Jin

169 On the diagnostics of the quiet Sun's magnetic fields: application of the SIR inversion to the full-disk Stokes-meter observations in 15 spectral lines [PDF]
      M. L. Demidov and H. Balthasar

175 Long-term variation of solar surface differential rotation [PDF]
      L. Zhang, K. Mursula, I. Usoskin, H. Wang and Z. Du

181 Sunspot seismology: accounting for magnetohydrodynamic wave processes using imaging spectropolarimetry [PDF]
      S. P. Rajaguru

189 Variations in p-mode parameters and sub-surface flows of active regions with flare activity [PDF]
      R. A. Maurya and A. Ambastha

197 A study of the north-south asymmetry of sunspot area during solar cycle 23 [PDF]
      Partha Chowdhury and B. N. Dwivedi

III. The solar atmosphere and the corona

203 Modelling magnetic fields in the corona using nonlinear force-free fields [PDF]
      M. S. Wheatland and K. D. Leka

213 The contraction of flare loops and its impact on the solar lower atmosphere [PDF]
      Haisheng Ji

221 Alfvén waves are easy: mode conversion in magnetic regions [PDF]
      P. S. Cally

229 "EIT waves" and coronal mass ejections [PDF]
      P. F. Chen and C. Fang

241 Coronal mass ejections and their heliospheric consequences [PDF]
      N. Gopalswamy

259 A new view of coronal structures: implications for the source and acceleration of the solar wind [PDF]
      S. R. Habbal, H. Morgan and M. Druckmüller

271 Transient induced MHD oscillations: a tool to probe the solar active regions [PDF]
      Abhishek K. Srivastava, V. M. Nakariakov, B. N. Dwivedi and Pankaj Kumar

279 Chromospheric evaporation seen in hard X-rays [PDF]
      Z. J. Ning

285 Differential coronal rotation and solar activity [PDF]
      Satish Chandra and Hari Om Vats

291 Magnetic field configurations leading to solar eruptions [PDF]
      Hui Li

297 Multi-wavelengh diagnostics of precursor phase in solar flares [PDF]
      Arun K. Awasthi and Rajmal Jain

307 Driving mechanism of a failed eruption [PDF]
      Y. Guo, M. D. Ding, B. Schmieder, H. Li, T. Török and T. Wiegelmann

315  On the triggering of M-class solar flare due to loop-loop interaction in AR NOAA 10875 [PDF]
      Pankaj Kumar, Abhishek K. Srivastava, B. V. Somov, P. K. Manoharan, R. Erdélyi and Wahab Uddin

323  Study of solar flares and filament interaction in NOAA 10501 on 20 November, 2003 [PDF]
      R. Chandra, B. Schmieder, C. H. Mandrini, P. Démoulin, E. Pariat, T. Török, G. Aulanier, W. Uddin and M. G. Linton

331  MHD simulations of quiescent prominence upflows in the Kippenhahn-Schlüter prominence model [PDF]
      A. S. Hillier, H. Isobe, K. Shibata and T. E. Berger


IV. Growth of solar physics in the Asia-Pacific region

339  Introductory remarks [PDF]
       Arnab Rai Choudhuri

343 History and progress of solar research in China [PDF]
      C. Fang

355 The early years of solar research in Japan [PDF]
      E. Hiei

367 Solar physics in India: developments from the nineteenth century to the present era [PDF]
      S. S. Hasan, Arnab Rai Choudhuri and S. P. Rajaguru

383 Recent activities of solar astronomers in Korea [PDF]
      K.-S. Cho, J. Chae, Y. J. Moon and G. S. Choe

393 Solar physics research in Taiwan [PDF]
      C.-H. Lin and Dean-Yi Chou

397 Solar physics research in Australia [PDF]
      P. S. Cally, M. S. Wheatland, I. H. Cairns and D. B. Melrose

405 Ulugh Beg Astronomical Institute of Uzbek Academy of Sciences – history and current status of solar physics research [PDF]
      Sh. Ehgamberdiev and A. Serebryanskiy

411 Conference summary: Asia-Pacific region in the world and in astronomy [PDF]
      T. Sakurai

419 Author Index [PDF]

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