Variability study of blazars with TAUVEX: scope and limitations

U.C. Joshi*, K. S. Baliyan and S. Ganesh
Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad 380 009, India,

Abstract. The study of variability in blazars is an important tool to un- derstand their energetics. Such a study is required to be made in all bands of spectral energy distribution. Hence, we propose to make UV observations of blazars using the TAUVEX facility for sources in the region |Dec| > 50 . These observations will be complemented with simultaneous ground based ob- servations in near IR, optical and radio frequencies using the facilities available in the country. The data will be used to study the nature of emission processes.

Keywords: (galaxies:) active - (galaxies:) BL Lacertae ob jects: general - techniques: photometry - ultraviolet: general

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