Gauribidanur radio array solar sp ectrograph (GRASS)

E. Ebenezer, K. R. Subramanian*, R. Ramesh, M. S. Sundararajan and C. Kathiravan
Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore 560 034, India

Abstract. We describe the Gauribidanur radio array solar spectrograph (GRASS) and its various systems. The system consists of an array of 8 log periodic dipoles, a spectrum analyzer and a data acquisition system. The spec- trograph normally operates in the frequency range of 30 - 150 MHz with a frequency resolution of 250 KHz and a time resolution of 43 msec. The Gau- ribidanur radio array solar spectrograph operates approximately from 04:00 UT to 10:00 UT each day. We illustrate the working of the spectrograph with a few observations.

Keywords: Sun: radio-radiation, antenna - instrumentation: spectrograph, solar radio bursts

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