For those inclined to observing and studying wildlife as a hobby, NCRA and the Pune University Campus offer plenty of variety. Several species of birds and snakes are found in NCRA. Birds like the Indian Grey Hornbill, Bharadwaj, robins, spotted munias and various other small birds (like the minivet, kingfisher, spotted owlet) can be sighted within the campus. Rat snakes are abundant in the campus but cobras are also occasionally seen. Mongooses are very common in NCRA, as are rabbits, though they are less frequently sighted.

At the GMRT and the surrounding region, leopards are very common and are often sighted in the campus either alone or moving with cubs. Jackals have also been seen in the GMRT campus, while the Striped Hyena has been reported to have been seen a few times in the nearby regions. The Narayangadh hillock near GMRT offers a stunning view of the GMRT central square from atop and a sweeping view of the lush countryside around during the monsoon months.

There are plenty of trekking and hiking trails within Pune and a few hours’ journey around Pune that offer a lot for birders and wildlife enthusiasts.


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